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Turning Point - Will You Embrace the Shift?

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LaDee Meaders has chosen to no longer allow her past of making poor decisions and looking for love in all the wrong places, to keep her in bondage.

LaDee is a wife, a mother of five, and a business owner. Through LaDee making decisions to move her life forward, God has brought LaDee out of bondage and shifted her life to another state where she thought that life would be comfortable and at peace. After LaDee and her family moved to another state, the life that she once knew was no longer her reality. It was fragmented, broken in pieces by a series of events that humbled her to a place where God could relay the foundation of her heart. A foundation that was so strong that LaDee could build a life that was immovable, or unshakable by her circumstance. She came to a TURNING POINT in her life were she chose to embrace the shift.

Why are we in Bondage?

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Donna Medley

What is holding you bound? Is it the troubles of your life? Have your troubles consumed your thoughts that you cannot function productively throughout the day?

Have your woes controlled your mind leaving you in a state of feeling paralyzed until all you want to do is to not feel the pain that is troubling your mind and your heart any longer?

What who do you turn to? What do you turn to release the agony, pressure and pain of your sorrows? Do you turn to sex? Do you turn to alcohol? Do you turn to drugs? Or do you turn to God?

What does it mean to be bound? What is it that you are allowing to hold you hostage? Being bound is like being in a jail or cage. There are times of the day that the guard will release a prisoner from their cell just to see if they will actively move in a direction that will free them from bondage.

But until they understand the root of what got them there in the first place they will continue to make poor choices every time they are released from what’s holding them bound. They will always have a desire to go back to that place of familiarity. But we can’t afford to stay in our familiarity. We cannot afford to dwell in our comfort zone. For there is no growth, that comes from maintaining a holding pattern or from doing the same things.

We must learn from our behaviors and change to get to our greater. Walk with me and LOOSE your BOUND.

$22.99 plus tax and shipping

I'm On My Way To Freedom

Workbook Journal $15.00 plus tax and shipping Donna Medley

This Journal will help you walk through the process of becoming free from the things that are holding you bound.

About the Author - Evangelist Donna Medley

Donna Medley

CEO of CovRing Day Spa and Boutique established in August 2009. CovRing Day Spa is a full service upscale day spa offering services from massage, facial, water treatments, manicure, pedicure, body waxing and hair care services. Donna has found that her customers would not only come in to receive a wellness service that renewed their body but an inspiring word that renewed their mind as well. Donna began her ministry training at Freedom Temple Ministries in Rock Hill, SC and later ordained as an Evangelist at One Accord Ministries in Richburg, SC. Donna has a special place in her heart for wanting to make women look and feel beautiful inside and out but to also help them to grow in the word of God and using the word of God to help them grow in business as entrepreneurs. In 2016 Donna created a women’s ministry called Women of Wisdom and Wellness (WOWW). The WOWW ministry allows women to come together to receive the word of God, network with other women in ministry and in business, as well as, to be pampered from head to toe with spa services. These WOWW events are held quarterly every year.

Donna has also founded Protégé’ an educational curriculum that build women entrepreneurs in the beauty and wellness industry. Protégé’ is built on the five wealth principles of God’s grace: Faith without works is dead James 2:14-26; I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me Philippians 4:13; All things are possible with God Matthew 19:26; Speak those things that are not as though they were Romans 4:17; Be ye also ready Matthew 24:44; and a bonus, Run the good race of faith Timothy 4:7. One of our Protégé’s have begun franchising under the CovRing umbrella; “Healing Hands Nail Spot” by CovRing Day Spa.

Donna has also started an annual hair show call “Glory to Glory” – Your Crown is Your Glory. This annual hair show allows gospel theater/drama to meet the creativity of the expression through the art of hair. Your Crown is Your Glory also gives entrepreneurs a place to showcase the products that they have created.

Donna Medley and her daughter Gekiia Medley have also created a clothing line called Glory Gear which is a combination of hair and clothing that meets artistry.